it’s not just your fault

technology is out to get you and it makes it harder. yes, workflow is important, but damn, when things don’t work (and let’s face it, there’s always a new update, some service that’s down, some interface that has changed completely (i’m looking at you, @descript) or some new competing product you should check out because it’ll change the way you… Read more →

the value of a parking spot emanates from the center

A Post About Parking

I went to the mall the other day. I know, malls are dead, but stay with me. It was a busy day for a Thursday, or maybe I just don’t go to malls that often. Regardless, there wasn’t a lot of parking. Sure, there was some way out in nowheresville, but I wanted something close to the entrance.  As I… Read more →

what do wool sweaters and life lessons have in common?

Comfortable with Discomfort

When I first wrote this, I had just listened to a podcast between Tim Ferris and Derek Sivers. I’ve since listened Derek’s podcast with James Altucher. Derek can be found at and you’ll want to find him because he’s very positive and he’s accomplished a lot without having to be an asshole or stress himself out too much.  In… Read more →

Morning Self thinks Night Self is a dick

Befriend Your Future Self

Want to accomplish more and actually like yourself more?  Live in the moment, and do a ton of favors for your Future Self.  Like, you’ve got to fall deeply, madly in-love with your Future Self. And it might be good to show some appreciation to your Former Self as well, because that person did a lot for you, and really… Read more →

Burning Pleaserville to the Ground

Here’s a problem a lot of nice people run into. They spend a good chunk of their life living for other people because maybe they grew up in a religious household, or maybe they had overly-strict parents, or maybe they were afraid of failing, so they learned to play life safe; small. If they do something wrong, they aren’t to… Read more →

You - with a God Nametag

God isn’t Dead–God is You

When I was young, I had life figured out. I knew that God Heavenly Father had a plan for me. I knew the Book of Mormon was the word of God, and that it was translated from Golden Plates by Joseph Smith. I knew, also, that Joseph Smith had seen God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Plus all… Read more →

How To Make a Morning Routine

Morning routines are awesome. Do you know how I know this? Because I read about them all the time. People always talking about the morning routines of various famous and successful and famously-successful people. It’s obvious to the enlightened among us that if you want to accomplish anything in this life, then you need a morning routine. I’m going to… Read more →

My Fix for the Suicide Problem

I didn’t hear that Kate Spade had died until late in the evening. My wife told me. She found out on facebook or instagram or something. The way that I discover news is by hearing it by friends on Slack or by my wife. I haven’t found that I miss out on much. But, arguably, I’m rarely the first to… Read more →