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the value of a parking spot emanates from the center

A Post About Parking

I went to the mall the other day. I know, malls are dead, but stay with me. It was a busy day for a Thursday, or maybe I just don’t go to malls that often. Regardless, there wasn’t a lot of parking. Sure, there was some way out in nowheresville, but I wanted something close to the entrance.  As I… Read more →

Did Cat Videos Steal Your Happy Future?

Have you ever wasted an hour following links, reading articles, learning about something, only to walk away feeling…empty? The more that I work for myself, the more I realize I have a tendency to use distraction as an escape. I realize there are a lot of articles out there about this, but writing about it helps me improve my understanding… Read more →

me in florence

I Think I’m a Chinese Tourist

I spent the last month on vacation in Europe.   Don’t judge me. London, Barcelona, Rome, Paris. And many sites in between. Each location had a few things in common: 1) amazing architecture 2) incredible history 3) selfie sticks 4) Chinese tourists At first, the waves of Chinese tour groups bugged the hell out of me. How could you enjoy the… Read more →

running is a dick

Accomplishment Is Never Not Hard

Running is a dick. This is because running refuses to ever get easier. And it’s never like you think it is while you’re watching someone run in a movie. You know that montage where Rocky Balboa is training to fight the juiced-up, tech-trained Russian, Ivan Drago? And Rocky goes from moderately buff, to super-psycho ripped? And he does all these… Read more →

getting older keeps getting better

you know what’s great about getting older? is that you realize that everybody is insecure and nobody knows shit and the only difference is that some people are less insecure than others and they pretend to know their shit and it somehow works out for them if they stick with it. not that I ever stick with anything. but it’s… Read more →

The Homeless Are Show-Offs

The world moves at a confusingly rapid pace. People all around you doing better than you financially. Maybe they have family connections that gave them an easier start. Maybe they focused more in school, or in work. Maybe they hate their lives or they’re in debt, or they are in a miserable marriage, or their kids are totally messed up,… Read more →

I probably won’t post this

This blog is intended to be a tool for me. I use it to develop a voice. To clarify my ideas. To help me know what content to add to my book, Selfulness. Only, I’ve let it fail me. I have hundreds of posts that have been started that will never see the light of Internet day. Hundreds. At the… Read more →

I Am Not Tim Ferris.

I am not Tim Ferriss. But I like him. I am inspired by him. Inspired by the people he interviews on his podcast. I read his book and it unlocked a part of me I thought was lost. A part of me I wish I hadn’t given up. A part of me that finds hope in accomplishment. I am inspired… Read more →