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it’s not just your fault

technology is out to get you and it makes it harder. yes, workflow is important, but damn, when things don’t work (and let’s face it, there’s always a new update, some service that’s down, some interface that has changed completely (i’m looking at you, @descript) or some new competing product you should check out because it’ll change the way you… Read more →

the value of a parking spot emanates from the center

A Post About Parking

I went to the mall the other day. I know, malls are dead, but stay with me. It was a busy day for a Thursday, or maybe I just don’t go to malls that often. Regardless, there wasn’t a lot of parking. Sure, there was some way out in nowheresville, but I wanted something close to the entrance.  As I… Read more →

what do wool sweaters and life lessons have in common?

Comfortable with Discomfort

When I first wrote this, I had just listened to a podcast between Tim Ferris and Derek Sivers. I’ve since listened Derek’s podcast with James Altucher. Derek can be found at and you’ll want to find him because he’s very positive and he’s accomplished a lot without having to be an asshole or stress himself out too much.  In… Read more →

Habit Eats Intention For Breakfast

I hate productive people. So smug about how much they accomplish. So busy talking about how they can fit so much more into their so-busy, so-productive days. And I just sit in front of my computer with a warm beverage thinking about how someday I’ll be just like them, conquering the world, but right now I just want to read… Read more →

Your Dream is only 7 Years Away

I went to a startup conference a few weeks ago. I know what you’re thinking – my life must be super-interesting if I’m attending something so riveting as a startup conference. Just shut up and listen, ok? The conference itself was…it was fine. Truth is, many of the entrepreneurs’ stories left me feeling discouraged. But that’s actually a good thing… Read more →

The 5 Stages of Commitment

When you ask someone what commitment means, you’ll usually get some answer about relationships. Like, “you commit to a person and you stay with that person until things get so bad you can’t stay with them any longer. And you don’t cheat on them.” But commitment, it turns out, is a power that affects nearly every aspect of your life.… Read more →

the [fairer] sex in the city

I sit in the Starbucks next to the City Creek mall in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. It’s a Tuesday afternoon. From hour to hour, a sample of the city’s population arrives in waves. Chief among these is the young, single, professional woman.      She’s in her mid to late 20’s. Sometimes early 30’s. Dressed in her… Read more →

Time is Tricky

i’m reading Seneca. ok, I’m reading excerpts of Seneca. but I plan on reading more. i have a confession: i’m a squanderer. a squanderer of precious, precious time and attention. on the whole, depending on the comparisons i choose to look at, i think i’ve done pretty well with my life. truth is, i’ve felt restless for most of my… Read more →