Potential is Prettier than Production. And That Sucks….

i have a problem.

i have written so. many. amazing. blog posts.

   the first few lines of so. many. [potentially] amazing. blog posts.

and once i’ve had the satisfaction of getting the idea’s nugget on paper,
i stop.

i think it’s because a promising idea has potential for greatness if it will remain an idea with a start.

but once i flesh it out and clothe it,

  i’m afraid it won’t be as good as i want it to be.

and yet, by not finishing anything, i don’t…finish anything. lasting satisfaction comes from producing great work. not the mere emission of its embryo.

Ira Glass on Storytelling

so how do you break past the fear of disappointment, the tedium of hard work, editing, thinking, thinning, adding; and actually put a premium on producing that which you conceive?

i think you just do it.

   (for those of you who want a little more help on this, i’ve found that Tony Robbins is one of the only authors that actually dives into tactics on hacking your own personal value system. if you try it, let me know how it works for you)